LazyJ: Seamless Lazy Evaluation in Java

LazyJ is a backward compatible extension to the Java programming language that allows programmers to seamlessly tap into the power and expressiveness of lazy evaluation. The compiler available here was implemented using the Polyglot extensible compiler framework.


I've written this short "executive summary", and there's also the FOOL '07 paper.

Download, Installation, and Usage

To install LazyJ, download lazyj.jar (~1 MB) and add it to your CLASSPATH. Also make sure that java and javac are in your PATH.

To compile LazyJ programs, type:
     java polyglot.main.Main -ext lazyj Test.lj
Or better yet, make lazyjc be an alias to java polyglot.main.Main -ext lazyj
That way you will be able to compile your programs like this:
     lazyjc Test.lj


The LazyJ language and compiler were developed by Alessandro Warth. Please e-mail me if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

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